Wisconsin Law Governing Temporary Automobile Sales Locations

wisconsin auto temporary sales locations

Wisconsin permits licensed automobile dealers to sell automobiles at temporary sales locations, so long as certain conditions are met.  Those conditions are identified in Wis. Admin. Code § Trans. 138.08, an administrative rule promulgated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Under that administrative rule, a Wisconsin automobile dealer is permitted to display and sell automobiles at a temporary sales location up to 6 times each calendar year.  A temporary sales location is a location other than an auto dealer’s regular licensed place of business such as a fair ground, trade show or convention center.

The conditions under which Wisconsin automobile dealers may sell automobiles at a temporary sales location include the following:

  • The auto dealer gives the Wisconsin Department of Transportation written notification of the temporary sales location at least 10 days in advance of conducting the sale
  • The duration of the temporary sale does not exceed 10 business days
  • The auto dealer furnishes each consumer a written notice of their 3-day right to cancel pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 423.203 of the Wisconsin’s Consumer Act.
  • The auto dealer maintains a permanent business facility in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation may exempt an auto dealer from the permanent business facility requirement identified above—if the auto dealer is selling motor homes at a rally or show sponsored by a state, national, or international motor home or camping association with a minimum of 100 members.  Any exemption granted by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation may not be granted more than once in any four-year period and shall be limited to one specific event.