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Learn about the laws governing automobile sales in Wisconsin, including prohibited sales practices, disclosure requirements and consumer remedies.

Wisconsin Law Governing Automobile Retail Installment Sales Contracts

Wisconsin auto loan and retail installment sales contract

There are several methods a consumer can use to finance the purchase of an automobile in Wisconsin.  A consumer can pay cash for the automobile, obtain a loan from a third-party lender, such as a bank or credit union, or finance the purchase directly through the auto dealer. Wisconsin auto dealers who directly finance the […]

Wisconsin Law Governing Automobile Financing Contingencies

Wisconsin Law Governing Automobile Finance Contingencies

Wis. Admin. Code § Trans. 139.055 is the Wisconsin administrative rule regulating financing contingencies in automobile purchase contracts. The rule addresses three specific topics: Dealer-arranged financing Purchaser-arranged financing Fees on void contracts Dealer-arranged financing is where a prospective purchaser agrees to let an auto dealer attempt to secure financing (i.e., obtain a loan)—usually from a third-party […]

Wisconsin Automobile Dealer Record Requirements

Wisconsin auto dealer record requirement

Wisconsin requires automobile dealers to maintain specific records related to the acquisition, sale, exchange and financing of automobiles.  This article will briefly identify the specific records Wisconsin retail automobile dealers are required to maintain, the manner in which those records must be maintained, the location at which the records must be maintained, and the time […]

Wisconsin Law Governing Automobile Service Fees

Wisconsin Automobile Service Fees

Wisconsin permits an automobile dealer to charge a “service fee” for services related to complying with state and federal laws and regulations.  This article will identify the items that may be included in a service fee as well as how those fees must be disclosed. Wis. Admin. Code § Trans. 138.05(8), an administrative rule promulgated […]

Wisconsin Law Governing Temporary Automobile Sales Locations

wisconsin auto temporary sales locations

Wisconsin permits licensed automobile dealers to sell automobiles at temporary sales locations, so long as certain conditions are met.  Those conditions are identified in Wis. Admin. Code § Trans. 138.08, an administrative rule promulgated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Under that administrative rule, a Wisconsin automobile dealer is permitted to display and sell automobiles […]

Wisconsin Law Governing Automobile Purchase Contracts

Wisconsin Car Contract

Wisconsin law governing automobile purchase contracts is found in Wis. Admin. Code § Trans. 139.05, an administrative rule promulgated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.  That rule requires Wisconsin auto dealers to include all of the provisions and conditions related to the sale of an automobile in a document specifically entitled “Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract.”  […]

Wisconsin’s New and Used Automobile Disclosure Requirements

wisconsin automobile disclosures

Wisconsin automobile dealers are legally required to make specific written disclosures to prospective purchasers related to the automobiles they offer for sale.  The disclosure requirements vary depending upon whether the automobile being sold is new or used. Wis. Admin. Code § Trans. 139.04, the Wisconsin administrative rule governing written disclosures auto dealers must provide, applies […]

Wisconsin Law Governing Advertising and Representations in Automobile Sales

wisconsin auto sales advertising

Wisconsin has two main laws—one a statute and one an administrative rule—that specifically address advertising and representations in automobile sales.  A statute is a law passed by the legislative branch.  An administrative rule is a regulation—that has the force of law—issued by a state agency to implement or interpret specific legislation. The Wisconsin statute governing […]

Auto Dealer Sales Fraud and Wisconsin’s Fraudulent Representations Statute

wisconsin auto dealer fraud

In any Wisconsin case involving possible auto dealer sales fraud, it is always important to consider whether Wisconsin’s fraudulent representations statute, Wis. Stat. § 100.18, might apply to the situation.  Wis. Stat. § 100.18, sometimes referred to as Wisconsin’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act or Wisconsin’s false advertising statute, prohibits individuals and companies from making untrue, deceptive […]